About the Middle School

Middle school marks students’ entry into secondary education. It comprises four years, from 6e to 3e.

Passionate teachers who are specialists in their subjects provide courses; they follow the French curriculum implemented by the French Ministry of National Education.

Students study different subjects to acquire the “socle commun de connaissances, de compétences et de culture” (the common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture).

The last year of middle school is a milestone for students as they take their first national exam (DNB) and make their first course or career decisions.

All middle school students have between 29 and 30 hours of compulsory lessons a week, which they can supplement with optional subjects.

Two Options in Middle School

The Lycée Français Victor Hugo offers two pathways:

Dual-Language Program

From 6e, students learn German and English as second languages.

International Program

From 6e, students follow the Hesse curriculum and take German as a first language classes (4 hours weekly). They also have History, PE, and Music classes in German (6 hours weekly).

Dual-language and International Courses Comparison Charts

Click on the pictures below to see the hours of class time per week.


Section classique = Dual-Language Program
Section internationale = International Program

  1. Français = French
  2. Allemand = German
  3. Mathématiques = Mathematics
  4. LV1 Anglais = English (Language A)
  5. LV2 = Spanish or Mandarin Chinese (Language B)
  6. Histoire, Géographie, EMC = History, Geography, Civics
  7. Physique Chimie = Physics and Chemistry
  8. SVT = Biology and Earth Sciences
  9. Technologie = Design and Technology
  10. Arts plastiques = Fine Arts
  11. Musique = Music
  12. EPS = Physical Education (PE)

6e: Hours of Lessons in a Week

5e: Hours of Lessons in a Week

4e: Hours of Lessons in a Week

3e: Hours of Lessons in a Week

Welcoming Students With Special Needs

The Lycée Français Victor Hugo meets the needs of children whose education requires special attention, both in primary and secondary education.

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Administrative Staff

Nathalie Daniel-Risacher

Secondary School Assistant Principal

069 74 74 98 – 113

Christophe Lopes

CPE (Secondary School Dean)

069 74 74 98 – 118

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, from 7:55 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

School Rules and Regulations