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A complete education from kindergarten to high school, accredited by the French Ministry of National Education.

Elementary and middle school courses are state-approved "Ersatzschule".

The Lycée Français Victor Hugo welcomes around 1000 students from Maternelle (French kindergarten, from age 3) to Terminale (senior year of high school). Students can pass the Abibac, a high school diploma created by a Franco-German agreement in 1994.

LFVH is open to students of all nationalities, French-speaking students and those who want to master the French language. Exchanges between French, German and international schools are encouraged through various gatherings such as concerts, school trips or sports competitions. It promotes openness, sharing and interchange.

Language learning is at the core of LFVH educational provision, in accordance with what the Agency for French Education Abroad advocates.

The courses provided are accredited by both the French Ministry of National Education and the Land of Hesse. LFVH obtained the Ersatzschule status in 2004, Sekundarstufe in 2012 and Ausbildungschulle in 2014.

A French School Within Frankfurt

Reflecting the transformation of Frankfurt city, the school has been through all stages of a constant development. From its modest beginnings in the facilities of the Institut Français to the great Lycée built by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The premises opened in 2002, they are home to the elementary school, middle school and high school. The Lycée is located in a residential area in the west of Frankfurt, in Rödelheim/Westhausen.

The LFVH is an institution under direct management which belongs to the AEFE network of schools.


AEFE: Agency for French Education Abroad

Under the authority of the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the AEFE manages the vast network of French educational establishments abroad: 535 schools in 139 countries, educating 370,000 pupils.

All of these approved establishments provide an education that meets the requirements, programs and teaching objectives of the French system.

It allows any student from one of these institutions to continue their education in any other French school without an entrance exam.

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