About the School Office

The school life office is essential to ensure that the school runs smoothly. Reception, information and advice: It is the main point of contact for children outside school hours and the first point of contact for parents on all matters relating to their children’s education.

Its Members

The school life team comprises Mr. Christophe Lopes (CPE*), Mrs. Cécile Ramos (assistant CPE) and several supervisors.

They are dedicated school professionals who accompany children from their first year of middle school to their senior year of high school.

*The CPE is specific to the French educational system; its closest equivalent is the secondary school dean of students or chief supervisor.

Main Missions

  • Check attendance of children in the school (families must justify absences).
  • Supervise and guide students inside the school, during and outside school hours.
  • Ensure students’ safety and compliance with school rules.
  • Support students struggling with personal or academic issues and participate in student councils or meetings.
  • Students are subject to follow-up in collaboration with the administrative staff, teaching teams, families, and other school community members. 

The school life office’s educational action involves dialogue with parents.

Opening Hours

Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.


School Rules and Regulations


Christophe Lopes


Tél. : 069 74 74 98 – 125

LFVH assistante CPE

Cécile Ramos

Assistant CPE

Tél. : 069 74 74 98 – 118