Inclusive Education

The Lycée supports special needs students from kindergarten to high school.

A group of committed parents, teachers and the school leadership team work in partnership to meet students’ needs. This group (EBEP) is actively engaged both in primary and secondary school.

At the beginning of the school year, the educational team meets each student with their parents and guardians to determine the specific necessities that will be required.

EBEP and Educational Teams Missions

  • Inform parents and teachers about special educational needs.

  • Detect educational difficulties.

  • Provide families with medical professional help. Refer families to health professionals who can find the underlying cause of educational difficulties.

  • Create a trustworthy environment for students, parents, teachers and medical professionals.

  • Develop an Individualized Education Plan and a Personalized Learning Plan in partnership with the student, their family, medical professionals and teachers.

  • Support families with special needs children.

If your child is new to LFVH, please contact Mrs. Marie-Thérèse Turic in primary school or Mrs. Daniel-Risacher in secondary school.

Personalized Learning Plans Available (in French)

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What Is Inclusive Education?

The French Ministry of National Education implemented a project to meet special needs students’ expectations and allow them to pursue their learning journey with serenity. Qualified and equipped educational teams support students, a resource and information center is available to them, and they work on developing IEP and PLP. These plans help students overcome the difficulties encountered.

AEFE directors emphasize the importance of including special needs students. Their inclusion promotes “openness, enriches exchanges and benefits the whole school community.”

Learn more about inclusive education on the AEFE website: steps to take, online information and resource library, FAQ.


An Association to Support You

To meet other families and stay informed, contact Dys à Francfort association.

Learn more about Dys