Middle School Student Council

Engaged and Committed Students

The CVC’s (Middle School Student Council) mission is to improve student life at school and hear pupils’ day-to-day concerns.

At the beginning of the school year, the entire student body elects two pupils from each class level, one incumbent and one supply representative, to make up the council. One member of the school’s office, two teachers, and two parents complete the quorum.

The CVC is a platform for dialogue and consultation; pupils make proposals and carry out projects approved by the principal.

Its members meet several times a year to organize projects such as the Christmas market, the carnival, the Green Coins project, which raises funds for various environmental associations, or even a baking competition.

LFVH CVC 2022-23

CVC's Objectives

  • Empower students and contribute to their development as active citizens.
  • Help build a school culture by enabling students to participate in civic projects.
  • Foster a peaceful school atmosphere and nurture a sense of belonging.
  • Involve pupils’ representatives in school life.
  • Provide pupils with a safe space to discuss issues relating to the school living conditions to improve their well-being.
  • Prepare middle school students to become active members of school life and understand all aspects of their role as students.

Besides, the spirit of the CVC is similar to that of the CVL (Student Council for High School Life): Help students become proactive school members and hear their voices and proposals when making decisions.

Consequently, we can see the Student Council for Middle School Life (CVC) as an additional lever for school management.