School Restaurant

VielfaltMenü GmbH has managed the school restaurant and the cafeteria since September 2021. Our team prepares the vast majority of dishes offered on-site in the kitchen fitted out by the Lycée. Menu selections are subject to approval by a committee consisting of the service provider, nurses, parent representatives, students, and staff members.

A Service for Families

Students are not required to stay for lunch; it is a service provided to families. The service provider offers meals tailored to various dietary needs, including allergies, and serves a vegetarian dish daily. Only students registered for this service can benefit from supervised lunchtimes at the school restaurant.

Day students are not eligible for this service and must leave the school during lunch break. It is not allowed to bring food and consume it on the school premises without permission from the school administration.

Maternelle Meal Service: Children enjoy a meal served at the table, including a starter (crudités, salad) and dessert. We offer three serving times to accommodate groups: 11:15, 11:45, and 12:15. Our dedicated supervisors oversee and assist children during this time.

School Restaurant: From CP to Terminale, registered pupils take their meals in the school restaurant between 11:15 a.m. and 13:30 p.m. Supervision is provided during meal service and in the playground.

Cafeteria: High school students and staff can buy sandwiches, fresh salads, snacks and beverages from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the cafeteria area.

VielfaltMenü GmbH manages our school restaurant and cafeteria. Please note that all the documents below are in French.

School Restaurant Menus (from CP + staff)

Meal Composition

Menus are adapted to each season to guarantee freshness. Fish comes exclusively from MSC-certified sustainable fisheries. We mainly use certified organic products for pasta, rice, and fruits.

Our dishes are freshly prepared daily. Fruit yogurts and fromage blanc are crafted using fresh ingredients and sweetened with honey, while our mashed potatoes are homemade. On special occasions, our dedicated team creates unique menus. For example, they prepared over 800 homemade tiramisus for our Christmas lunch.

We prohibit foods containing flavor enhancers, additives, and artificial flavors whenever possible.

To enhance our students’ dining experience, our dedicated team periodically offers themed meals featuring treats like freshly squeezed orange juice, granita ice cream, crêpes, and more. Special occasions such as Halloween or the Carnival also brighten up the restaurant’s daily operations.

School Kitchen Staff

Manager: Marcel Bindemann, contact via email at

Head Chef: Thierry Weibel

Economy Manager: Andrea Thomas

As the new manager, Marcel Bindemann brings many years of experience in the school catering industry. He always strives to avoid pre-prepared products as much as possible and provide students with fresh, homemade products.

Thierry Weibel brings extensive culinary experience to LFVH. Since September 2021, he has succeeded Mrs. Thomas as head chef. Mr. Weibel prioritizes cooking with minimal fat and sugar, reducing salt, and opting for fresh herbs, some of which grow in a dedicated schoolyard plot.

Andrea Thomas, with over 20 years of service at the LFVH, is one of our school’s “old hands and most experienced” members.  After 20 years, she handed over kitchen management to Mr. Weibel and now concentrates on merchandise management. She closely monitors the delivery of goods to ensure their quality and freshness.

In conclusion, the VielfaltMenü team, exclusively dedicated to the LFVH, is a solid foundation for providing children with healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals crafted from natural, high-quality ingredients.

Top-Rated Service with High Engagement

In 2022, a survey gathered feedback from pupils and parents on the school food catering service.

Students rated the school restaurant 3 out of 5 stars and noted and appreciated improvements in meals made by our new provider since the start of 2021. They suggested enhancements in time management, including reducing the waiting time before entering and allowing more time for lunch, which has been constrained by COVID-19 hygiene regulations and students’ schedules. Over half of the students participated in the survey.

Three Stars Out of Five

Freshness and Quality Take the Lead

VielfaltMenü is committed to serving seasonal, fresh, high-quality dishes. It offers hot and cold starters, fresh fruits, dairy products, and a choice of two main dishes, one of which is vegetarian.

The school catering team prepares most of the meals on-site, which did not escape the attention of those who eat at the school restaurant.

Parents overwhelmingly responded to the survey, up to 60% for elementary school parents. School lunch is an important topic given that almost half the pupils live too far away to go home for lunch. They also rated the school restaurant 3/5. They noted and appreciated improvements and changes, especially since the start of the school year in November. According to the responses, the strong points include meal quality, portion size, and menu variety. Areas for improvement are pricing and lunchtime duration. Regarding changes in the school restaurant regulations (compulsory for primary school pupils and the possibility for secondary school pupils to be day students), 80% of parents supported these changes. Parents’ concerns and evaluations sometimes diverge depending on the children’s class level.

The leadership team extends its gratitude to the parents who conducted and compiled the surveys. Please note that these documents are available in French.

Vielfaltmenü Documents (in French and German)