Secondary School Library

The Library Media Center is a place for learning, reading, information and culture. It was fully renovated in 2014. All secondary school students have free access during breaks and lunchtimes or by registration outside these times.


A collection of books is available to all secondary school students and the staff, to consult on-site or to borrow.

- nearly 6,000 fiction books (novels, comic books, manga, etc.)
- more than 2,000 non-fiction books 
- 13 subscriptions to newspapers and magazines and access to online newspapers.


Several platforms can be consulted both in the library and at home.

- Europresse: regional, national and international online newspapers, in French and English
- Educ'Arte: educational websites from Arte TV channel


There is a dedicated space for course guidance within the library.


- IJ Box and ONISEP services: access websites for course guidance
- Brochures and documentation are available.

Library Visit in Pictures

Opening Hours

Monday: 8:00–17:00
Tuesday: 8:00–17:00
Wednesday: 8:00–17:00
Thursday: 8:00–17:00
Friday: 8:00–17:00

School librarian:
Laurence Nicolas

Teacher in charge of the school library:
Sophie Taratte

Phone: 069 74 74 98 – 119