French Option

Small class sizes and innovative methods enable an individualized approach to teaching while following the French national curriculum with supplementary German classes.

The French bilingual option comprises two to three groups per level, from CP to CM2.


Features of the French Option

Learning German in Proficiency Groups

  • Implementing proficiency groups: beginners, advanced, and German speakers.
  • In CP and CE1, German and French classes alternate. Half of the group attends German lessons; the other half remains with their French teacher, and vice versa.
  • Children from the German-speaking group (group 3) follow the same curriculum as children from the German option and use Hesse learning materials.

Sessions in Limited Groups

The school implements a rotation system in CP and CE1. The class is divided into two small groups of less than ten children. Hence, when one group learns German, the other develops literacy skills or do mathematics in French. This system allows an individualized approach that benefits children.

Sessions With Two Teachers

Sachkunde (General Knowledge) and Geometry classes are taught by two teachers three times a week:

  • Lessons are conducted in German in the presence of both French and German teachers, enabling children to fully understand and reach the objectives set.

  • developing an extensive and rich vocabulary, in both languages

  • written productions in German, using Hesse textbooks

Course Guidance at the End of CM2

Children from the German-speaking group have the opportunity to join the German International Section in middle school if they wish to.

French and German Options Comparison Chart

45-minute classes weekly :  (*DNL is a non-linguistic subject : Sachkunde and Geometry in German)

French Option: CP – CE1

French: 22
German and DNL*: 8
PE and Music in German: 3
English: 0

German Option: CP – CE1

French: 18
German and DNL*: 12
PE and Music in German: 3
English: 0

French Option: CE2 – CM1 – CM2

French: 20
German and DNL*: 8
PE and Music in German: 3
English: 2

German Option: CE2 – CM1 – CM2

German and DNL*: 10
PE and Music in German: 3
English: 2

Welcoming Students With Special Needs

The Lycée Français Victor Hugo meets the needs of children whose education requires special attention, both in primary and secondary education.

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Administrative Staff

Direction primaire LFVH 2021

Marie-Thérèse Furic

Primary School Principal
Tél : 069 74 74 98 – 116

Laurence Hahner

Primary School Secretary
Tél : 069 74 74 98 – 116

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 8:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Drop-off is every morning at 7:50 a.m.

Primary School Rules