Fees and Financial Regulations

The LFVH’s fees policy has been designed to meet a number of objectives:

  • Balanced pricing:

Our fees are adjusted to ensure the quality of supervision and teaching, as well as the care of the environment in which the children are taught. Our management is based on the concept of reinvesting profits in the school and its pupils.

  • Competitive pricing:

In comparison with other international schools, we offer the same high standards, opportunities for our students to continue their studies and a wide range of services at no extra cost.

  • Preferential rates for large families:

A discount of 180 euros per child is applied from the 3rd child enrolled in the same family.

Clear and progressive fees throughout the schooling course

Our prices include for all school levels :

  1. Schooling :
    Supervision of schooling: all lessons regardless of the options and specialities chosen,
    Supervision of pupils during the various breaks and morning reception in nursery and elementary schools,
    Educational support (school outings, support, exam preparation, career guidance, citizenship and health education, etc.),
    Materials and equipment (computers, textbooks up to 3e and some digital textbooks and software at lycée, sports facilities, libraries, etc.),
    Language certifications (Delf, DSD)
    Workshops and clubs organised during breaks.

2. Exams :

Costs associated with organising, sitting and obtaining official diplomas in 3e, 1re and terminale.

Not included in fees:

Afternoon extracurricular activities in nursery and elementary schools
Membership of the Sports Association
Participation in school-related educational projects (school trips, field trips, etc.)
Registration for language certificates: Cambridge, HSK.

Tax-deductible school fees

When a child attends a state-recognised school or an alternative school (‘Ersatzschule’ status), parents who are taxable in Germany can deduct 30% of the school fees from their tax bill, up to a maximum of €5,000 per child per year. For more detailed information, and in the knowledge that these tax arrangements are subject to change at any time, we recommend that you contact a tax adviser (Steuerberater).