High School Student Council

Engaged and Committed Students

The CVL (Student Council for High School Life) brings together elected high school students, parents and staff representatives (teachers, non-teaching staff, CPE).

The CVL serves as a vital platform for dialogue between adults and students. The council is involved in decision-making and is consulted on several issues relating to school life (school rules, selection of specialty subjects, facility layout). Students exchange ideas and propose initiatives to the School Board.

In recent years, the CVL has organized themed weeks, spearheaded cafeteria renovations, and contributed to the latest version of our school rules and regulations.

The entire student body elects ten high school students at the beginning of the school year.

The principal is the chair of the CVL.

Every year, CVL representatives elect an official delegate and a substitute.

The incumbent serves as vice president of the CVL and represents the students in the Secondary School Council and School Board meetings.

CVL’s Main Objectives

  • Improve the living conditions at school and hear students’ day-to-day concerns and expectations (information on academic orientation, school rules, homework tutoring, health, sports, etc.).
  • Express thoughts in a safe space, discuss concrete issues, and organize projects. The CVL is a dedicated place for listening, exchanging ideas, and fostering dialogue between students and adults.
  • Participate in decision-making, make proposals, voice opinions, and suggest changes and solutions.