Specializations and Optional Subjects

The baccalauréat reform came into effect in 2019, it gives students the opportunity to personalize their academic path by focusing their interests on a choice of specialty and optional subjects.

This selection of subjects enables high school students to take a more project-based learning path, in line with their choice of higher education institution and career ambitions.

Specialized Subjects (Première and Terminale)

  • History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science (HGGSP)
  • Human Sciences, Literature and Philosophy (HLP)
  • English Language, Literature, and Culture in the English-Speaking World (LLCE)
  • Computer Science (NSI)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Earth and Life Sciences
  • Economics and Social Sciences

(A choice of three specialized subjects in Première and one dropped by the end of the same year. Instruction of specializations is subject to sufficient enrollment. Students can take specialized subjects not offered at the LFVH via the CNED)

Optional Subjects

The choice of optional subjects in 2e and 1e is limited to one, except for Latin students who can supplement their academic journey with another option.

From Terminale, new optional subjects are available; students can then pick a second option.

Optional subjects available from 2e:


3 hours weekly
Visual Arts or Cinema and Film Studies

Foreign Language C

3 hours weekly
Spanish or Mandarin Chinese (other languages available via the CNED)


2 hours weekly
Ancient Greek or Latin

Optional subjects available from Terminale:

Additional Mathematics

3 hours weekly
For students who are not studying Mathematics as a specialization

Advanced Mathematics

3 hours weekly
For students who are studying Mathematics as a specialization

Law and Contemporary Issues

3 hours weekly

How to Choose an Optional Subject?

We want to highlight that the number of weekly hours can significantly increase depending on the optional subjects chosen in addition to the core curriculum.

It is crucial to make these choices consciously and consider the student’s proficiency level.