Openness to the World

School Trips

Activities in Frankfurt city, field trips to Germany and France, school trips abroad.

Exchanges and Sports Challenges

Several sporting events such as the School Olympics and Paralympics in January, sports competitions with other local schools or schools from the AEFE network.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability Student Representatives at Work

From CM1, pupils elect one to two sustainability student representatives. Under their academic advisor's supervision, they bring projects to fruition to raise people's awareness of the preservation of our environment.

Authors at school

In partnership with the parent association (UPEA), LFVH students meet and exchange with at least three French authors and illustrators every year.

Robotics Competition

An Annual Event

Middle school students take part in the robotics competition. Teams from all over Europe meet. The challenge: build a robot that can complete a predetermined track autonomously and as quickly as possible.

Science Slam

Since 2017, the LFVH has been organizing a European Science Slam that occurs every two years in spring. High school students perform in French, German and/or English. The goal is to make a fun presentation of scientific concepts in less than 7 minutes.

French-German Celebration

Every year in January, three local schools organize a day-long celebration between students from the Liebigschule, Ziehenschule and the LFVH. Sports, arts, theatre, anything goes to celebrate Franco-German friendship!

Conferences and Contests

Contests and conversations with teachers, journalists, researchers - it is all part of LFVH school life!